Home Security Systems Bend Oregon

Just because your home security system in Bend (sosasap.com) goes off doesn’t automatically mean an invader to your home is going to stop what he or she is doing. Unless the security system notifies someone of the problem, the criminal will continue robbing your home unhindered. When choosing your  system, you need to pick the right alarm or notification system for your needs and budget.

Many of the do-it-yourself security systems do not come with any kind of notification system other than an audible alarm, which is considered convenient when you find yourself at home when the unfortunate home invasion occurs.

However, the majority of home invasions and burglaries take place during daylight hours when nobody is on the premises.

Audible alarms can even notify the neighbors, but the unfortunate side effect of having numerous neighbors and an alarm wailing away is something referred to as the bystander apathy effect, where everyone within hearing distance would assume that the next door neighbor will do something about it and call the police or check to see if everything is okay. No doubt, this would result in the do-it-yourself alarm being practically worthless.

There are all sorts of options when it comes to alarm notifications in Bend Oregon:

  • Monitored motion detectors Monitored security systems would warn a security company that the alarm has been tripped. In turn, the security company will decide as to whether they should contact the authorities in your area. Monitored systems give the added assurance that, regardless of the time of day or night, your home is being watched.
  • Audible alarms. This is one of the most common notification options for systems that aren’t already monitored. The problem is this: some of the alarms cannot be heard outside of the house. If the house is empty, besides the burglar being there, no one will even know that your home has been broken into.
  • External security alarm systems.One of the most effective notification alternatives would be an alarm that has been mounted on the outside of your home. This way your neighborhood would be alerted the moment someone triggers the security system. These are particularly effective when combined with a strobe light or notification light. Burglars do not stick around for long if they know others are looking for your home.
  • Cell phone alerts.Some of the newer do-it-yourself home monitoring devices have either text-based or phone call alerts. With these  monitoring devices, you would get a notification on your phone when the alarm goes off. In certain instances, the security system may also feature a smartphone app to connect you to your home’s security cameras, that would allow you to take note of what’s going on and then make a decision as to whether or not you should contact the authorities.

Every one of these options has its pros and cons. You need to figure out which one makes the most sense to you, and still accommodates your budget. You may discover that a combination of notifications is the best possible way to go.

Motion Detectors are by no means perfect. They are just one piece of a protective puzzle. If you want to keep burglars at bay, make use of some psychological tricks to complement the home alarms, such as:

  • Putting home security signs in front of your home. Some burglars will not even attempt to enter a home that they believe is fitted.
  • Motion sensitive driveway lights. Burglars do not fancy operating in the light. A well-lit yard or driveway will prove to be a major deterrent to burglars.
  • Fake animals. All you need to do is place a dog bowl on your porch, which can make them think that a vicious guard dog is waiting for them. Burglars do not like drawing attention to themselves. The last they want to deal with is a small yelping dog or barking Doberman.
  • Faking who lives inside the residence. A single woman may want to consider placing a large pair of work boots outside to fool a burglar into thinking a big man is on the inside of the home.

The point with these tips is to not simply think that having a motion detector installed will do the trick of keeping would-be intruders at bay. One should take added measures as well.