How to Put Portland Video Production to Good Use

The exciting Portland video production industry such as  tends to push the limits of what is possible and is bound only by the limits of one’s personal imagination and the skills of the artist. Quite often, they challenge the boundaries of artistic capability. One essential attribute of a graphic artist is a penchant for staying abreast of new technological advances and a thorough proficiency in computer software.

The videography industry is the emerging medium of choice for composing movies, advertisements, and other digital art. What, in reality, is the most significant benefit of these graphics? For starters, art in motion is an exciting creation and outshines many traditional modes of creativity. Instead of still shots, creations are fluid and can genuinely interact with the observer. What art lover isn’t inspired by this possibility?

This medium facilitates a whole new interaction with the audience. Aside from putting an extraordinary sheen on your art, many sound effects resonate with increased clarity and are supplemented by their interaction with visual aspects. Think of it as living, breathing art. There are endless possibilities in this new wave of design.

Visual graphics adds a new dimension to any work. Objects moving in three dimensions and untapped viewpoints are possible. Perhaps the most significant advantage is that it facilitates stimulation of both sight and sound.

Today, motion graphics are challenging similar boundaries in the world of multimedia. People in all professions have a use for these amazing developments. Corporate presentations can now come to life with stunning graphics and multi-dimensional capabilities. Such features make any presentation stand out from the crowd and keep audiences entranced. Indeed, the spectrum of possibilities in this new field seems to be almost infinite and is growing every day.

There is no doubt that video is a powerful marketing tool, able to disseminate information about a company or brand, and provide convincing ‘stories’ for the promotion of products and services. The popularity of video content is undeniable with social network sites hosting videos receiving unprecedented traffic levels, as well as those businesses who have used interactive motion graphics in their video content receiving much more interest in the their products and services; as well as increasing their conversion rate of potential to actual customers through their websites by providing informative, persuasive and entertaining content.

There are many unique components of the visual presentation, including visual, audio, motion and emotion which can be utilized to create a compelling and entertaining conveyance of the business and its offerings.

However, these are not cheap to design and deliver; for a production team, this could take many hours and total an amount which is just unaffordable for many businesses. Furthermore, the market is moving at an increasing rate in modern society, with trends in the market and changes in consumer behavior being capitalized upon by those proactive organizations who respond quickly to these trends. This is traditionally another issue with the visual presentation process, as it can take a considerable amount of time to design the brief, operationalize the production team and complete the final video; by the time this is achieved, the opportunity may have been missed. So how can we use such an innovative tool in the business environment with proven success, but manage the cost and time factors traditionally involved in their production? The answer is simple. By using After Effects templates and converting the design from a costly and time rich event to an AE project, which can be produced in a matter of hours, at a fraction of the cost, while providing the latest in motion graphics.

Creating a compelling video production presentation in an AE project establishes a medium which speaks to your audience in a way that other mediums simply cannot, and it can relate to them and create desire and need for your services. Utilising advanced motion graphics in the AE project will capture the attention of the audience, while the telling of the story provides an opportunity to evoke emotive responses and present information in a specific manner that resonates with your target market.

Capture, entertain and convert your audience into customers by providing them with the content and medium that is demanded by the modern consumer and implement an AE project into your marketing arsenal today.